Hi, I’m Sheryl Lucas.

Writing and design are my twin passions, and my clients benefit by receiving both from a single source. I will not be content simply plugging supplied text onto a great design; I am compelled to ensure that the organization is logical, the writing is fluid and effective, and the piece is able to accomplish your desired objectives. I’ll work very closely with you to ensure that the text communicates your message as clearly as possible. In fact, that’s exactly why I named my business Crystal Clear Communications. I’ll make your message sparkle.

My clients find that I often exceed their expectations by bringing additional insight borne from my many years experience in writing, marketing, business, and even life. I will not shrink from suggesting a change of course that brings added value to your project.

How I landed here

I’ve been in training for this career all of my adult life, although, for the most part, I was totally unaware of it. Out of high school and with little money and no discernable skills, I trained as an Executive Secretary and landed a job with a professional engineering firm. The discovery of my gift for writing eventually led to a transfer to the firm’s marketing department, which is where I encountered my first graphic designer. Over the next decade or so, I mastered desktop publishing software while honing my writing, design, and marketing skills.

In my next life as a full-time mom, I took on occasional volunteer writing and design projects, eventually becoming the de facto designer for my small church. The encouragement of my church family eventually got me to thinking that perhaps my gifts could be developed into something more.

I began devouring books on graphic design and typography and invested in professional graphic design software. Over the next few years, I built a portfolio while gaining valuable design experience. In 2010 I founded Crystal Clear Communications, LLC, for the purpose of providing design and writing services to businesses, churches, nonprofits, and political candidates. I strive to keep my fees low so I’m able to serve clients who otherwise would not have the means to hire a professional designer.

I invite you to take a stroll through my portfolio to get a sense of what I can do for you.